Hearts of Bitter Harvest
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Genre: Poetry
Tags: American, Dark Poems, Dark Poetry, Death and Loss, Death, Grief & Loss, Family, Gothic, Literature & Fiction, Love, Love & Erotica, Love & Loss, Poems, Recommended Books, United States
Publisher: Independently published
Publication Year: August 5, 2017
ISBN: 1521896658
The bitter wine we drink, a testimony to the bitter vines from which the seeds grew. Hearts are torn asunder and cast onto the starry night. The Hearts of Bitter Harvest weeps with poetry from such a forsaken fruit. Author Ernesto Mora invites you to imbibe from the vineyard of languishing love, withered away. This collection of dark romantic poetry recounts the resentment, the likes of which, only those who have loved truly will find intimate.
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About the Author
Ernesto Mora

Ernesto Mora is a writer of horror fiction short stories and dark poetry. His first poetry book was released on Kindle and it's called "A Walk Among the Black Black Brambles" where this collection of poetry explores the darkest recesses of his mind. He then, later on, published 2 other poetry books, "The Prose & Poesy". This book will be an ongoing compilation of prose focusing on themes such as family, dark romanticism and most recurring; horror and death. And "Hearts of Bitter" where it focuses on love and heartbreak.

Ernesto is currently working on his first collection of short stories set to release in 2018. Some titles to look forward to, Last In Line, The Heavy Oak Door, The Lottery, The Figure, Help Wanted. More names to be added as the collection grows.

On his down time, Ernesto currently hosts a poetry podcast web site called ThePOEMHOME. Where you can enjoy talks on dark poetry, romantic poetry, poem inspirations, deep poetry discussion and touches on philosophical theories.

Ernesto resides in Westchester NY with his wife and 4 kids. He enjoys spending time with his family, watching horror movies and being inspired by the melancholy, as well as the dark dread that treads within us all.

You can follow Ernesto on his website @thepoemhome.com, Twitter @ThePOEMHOME, Facebook @ThePOEMHOME, Instagram @mr.emora, SoundCloud@thepoemhome & Google Plus @ThePOEMHOME

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