The Mocked and Wingless – Dark Poem

So radiant was the morning star
that from the mild eye came sorrow
and forked tongue whispered miasma
onto jovial hubris

Sweet nectar from the sanctified bloom
the earth was slaked by treason
and cast onto forlorn pastures
are the wingless quarry

Upon these hands sleep countless woes
and on rended back carry we eternal
the sins of our father and mother
mocked by the skies above


No Contrition for Blood – Dark Micro Poetry

From where the umbrous hand doth reach
In the mist among the silent stars
to grasp within its cold conniving
my slumber upon the beasts hassock

I sleep within hungered maw
enticing famished ferality upon my crown
obsequious flesh for the abominable banquet
on the pyre, sweet aroma, sweet, lustful aroma

In the light of the burning moon
and blackened stars that harken demise
lo upon the nameless one
who laps at your miserable cries


Episode 2: Poetry Entry “Hearts of Bitter Harvest”

In this 2nd episode of ThePOEMHOME podcast, we listen to the reading of Ernesto’s poetry “Hearts of Bitter Harvest”

Poem Entry 2: Wingless Bird

Wingless bird of strife and sorrow, whose cage now doorless bids farewell, into the vast unknown venture intrepid, and behind leave ye sleepless blanket…

To read this entire poem, download the kindle ebook  A Walk Among the Black Brambles.



Poem Entry 1: Blue Spruce Trees

At night among the blue spruce trees, it lies awake and beckons me, to call me home and dance with me, among the darkened blue spruce trees.