The Night We Met

When the evening would speak, in its tones so silent,
into my listening heart
the melody was so bitter, it made me close my eyes, such a
sweet caress that lifted my head
onto the altar where you’d wait so sullen, with those tears on
your prayers, that pain on your bones

the moon would paint its carcass across the dismal black,
pulling at the strings on our backs,
what a beautiful eulogy will be written into the stars, and how
the sky will mourn, to catch those tears I’d pass upon the
thorny tapestry, and bleed into that evening again

Your fingers forever engraved so enrapturing, onto my flawed
skin your farewell, those moments onto which my days are
enthralled, those lips on my flesh, they flayed my innocence
now woe has besieged our obstreperous night, where amid the
tempest we dance

awaiting the dying morning that we know won’t come, await
those breaths that we will not take
speak to me though my stars have fallen silent, my last vision
should be of you, and never more beauty into my eyes should
fall, the windows shattered against the raging conscience

So long has it been, lost among the gray, the midnight draped
on my veil
drifting amid the blackened sun, pitiful silhouette in the night
Long ago, your smile was with me, and the evening would
speak to me
So long has it been silent, your voice has faded from memory


The music that inspired this piece

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