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No Contrition for Blood – Dark Micro Poetry

From where the umbrous hand doth reach In the mist among the silent stars to grasp within its cold conniving my slumber upon the beasts hassock I sleep within hungered maw enticing famished ferality upon my crown obsequious flesh for the abominable banquet on the pyre, sweet aroma, sweet, lustful aroma In the light of […]

On My Way to Perdition

On my way to perdition I met a man cloaked in misery who sat upon inverted throne and sang a baritone litany So enthralled to his intonation the cadence upon my heart from his eyes such delight once I began to fall apart Now I on this false kings throne into servitude, my very bones […]


“On your altar, revered is your kiss, euphoric genuflection betwixt, consumed into tepid abyss, and into ever maddening bliss…” -E. Mora


“Beneath your hooves, trampled roses cry the song of discontent and the fragile silk now bleeds onto your heartless cavort.” -E.Mora #Apathy

Faith, Family and Loved Ones

“…and before God, I awoke from my final dream and wept, the sorrow so great, departed from all joy. But suddenly, immense euphoria, as I realized, if I have slumbered only to wake here, so to, will my loved ones one day. And I wept, for this enlightenment was faith reborn again…” –E. Mora #Faith #Family […]