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Dreary Meadow

I hear such rancid word calling from maddening depths from the umbrous meadow forlorn is the verdant spring where the winged husks sing Copyright © Ernesto Mora@ThePOEMHOME All Rights Reserved.


From within the solitude and gloom in the dying light that was comes the weeping muse her crescendo mourning us Copyright © Ernesto Mora@ThePOEMHOME All Rights Reserved.

No Contrition for Blood

From where the umbrous hand doth reach In the mist among the silent stars to grasp within its cold conniving my slumber upon the beasts hassock I sleep within hungered maw enticing famished ferality upon my crown obsequious flesh for the abominable banquet on the pyre, sweet aroma, sweet, lustful aroma In the light of […]

One the Eve

On the eve of your lips whisper to me silent breath the scent that stirs the heavens and the kiss that placates the devils ever dark gloom Copyright © Ernesto Mora@ThePOEMHOME All Rights Reserved

The Lake

The streams wake upon a lucid dream, where I imbibe to slake my parched lust, and where the breeze upon my brow gently traces its admonition for my trespasses. Here, it is where the fallen amass and gather at the banks, so clear is the water of life that perdition is seen, awaiting just below. […]

On My Way to Perdition

On my way to perdition I met a man cloaked in misery who sat upon inverted throne and sang a baritone litany So enthralled to his intonation the cadence upon my heart from his eyes such delight once I began to fall apart Now I on this false kings throne into servitude, my very bones […]

Harbor Heart

Dreams within the gentle breeze that on your lips leave my name the scent that from the azure beckons rests within every pulse of your heart Copyright © Ernesto Mora@ThePOEMHOME All Rights Reserved.

The Mocked and Wingless

So radiant was the morning star that from the mild eye came sorrow and forked tongue whispered miasma onto jovial hubris Sweet nectar from the sanctified bloom the earth was slaked by treason and cast onto forlorn pastures are the wingless quarry Upon these hands sleep countless woes and on rended back carry we eternal […]